24-Hour and Live-In Care

People in a working class family might find it hard to give their aged loved ones a round-the-clock attention and care. The 24 hour and live-in-care alternatives are great services as they allow a day and night nursing support to our clients who want to have a longer independence in the comfort of their homes. It will provide families the ease of not having to think about whether their aging parents or grandparents have eaten or the worry with navigating on stairs and mobility.

24 Hour care is …
Caregivers in this system stay for 12 hours daily which most clients prefer as caregivers will be in constant observation of the client to supervise the elderly in their sleep-wake cycle. In this option, a modicum amount of people believe that having one caregiver rotation in a 24 hour period allows a more refreshed and alert state of mind to go about their duties thus, delivering high standards of care towards the geriatrics in their care.

Live in care is…
This set-up means the caregiver has been booked for a 24 hour period with the possibility of staying in the next 3-4 days if necessary and if requested by clients or family. This draw a positive response as the senior client can establish rapport with the caregiver and build trust – a concrete foundation in building a harmonious relationship. It also provides continuity of care meaning the client’s health care status are closely observed and monitored.

Uplift HomeCare continues to refer high caliber of caregivers who see their job as not just another day in the office but a vocation driven with skill and compassion. Aside from companionship and homemaking, our services can also range from these additional offers:

  • Accompaniment in daily activities
  • Bathing
  • Continence care
  • Dressing and grooming
  • Nutrition
  • Personal hygiene
  • Range-of-motion assistance
  • Reminders for medication and appointments
  • Skin care
  • Toileting assistance
  • Transfer and ambulatory assistance

Live in and 24 hour care reduces the factors that can cause nursing home admissions and they will be under constant supervision minimizing the risk of falls and likelihood of any untoward incidents.

Please contact us if you and your family members’ needs are in line with the services that we offer. Call now or send a message online!