Companion and Homemaker

Reaching the age of retirement generates both optimistic and pessimistic mind set to retirees. In this stage, having a positive outlook means:

  • being able to spend more time with family and grandchildren
  • having the freedom to travel everywhere
  • finally being able to achieve a desired breathing space from work commitments over the years

Meanwhile, looking at the other side of the coin suggests otherwise. Vulnerability to fear of being alone and social isolation have been longstanding emotions for seniors ages 65 and over. There are a variety of reasons surrounding these disagreeable concepts, however it can be remedied as long as they seek for help.

In the United States, almost half of older women (45%) ages 75 and older live alone while 75% of senior men are more likely to remarry compared to 46% of aged women.

Loneliness among the elderly population can be seen as a common occurrence and the following factors can be attributed to illness or disability, getting frail and senile, deaths of spouses and friends, leaving the workplace, feeling “out of place” and losing communication from family members. That distressing sense of neglect and disconnection can lead to depression affecting quality of life.

Uplift Homecare aims to assist your senior family member in keeping them physically and mentally active and socially engaged when you are unavailable to look after them. We will provide companionship for your beloved with the aid of our competent support workers.

Life will be more convenient and task-fulfilling with our daily services including:

  • Genuine day-to-day conversations, listening and sharing of experiences
  • Playing intellectually-stimulating games such as quizzes, chess, Scrabble etc.
  • Assistance in solving Sudoku, Crossword and Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Guidance in reading books, newspapers and magazines
  • Escorting medical check-ups, hospitalizations and other health-care related appointments
  • Sorting mails and provides aid to typing e-mails
  • Keeping connected with family, friends and former colleagues thru Skype calling or Facetime and other social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Our Homemaker services allow elderly residents to live with independence having minimal supervision and a pleasant experience from our qualified home care aides that will support our clients in doing household chores.

In giving you a comfortable seat at home and achievable duties, our to-do-list enumerates the following:

  • Cleaning
    sweeping and mopping the floor, vacuuming, scrubbing the bathroom and toilet, cleaning the kitchen, washing the dishes, changing the bed linens and light laundry
  • Meal Preparation
    meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, preparing for breakfast, lunch and dinner,
  • Budgeting and sorting finances
    paying bills, bank settlements, ATM withdrawal etc.
  • Running errands
    medication pick-up, shopping for presents of a family member or friends, answering phone calls and taking notes of important or significant messages and events etc.

We also provide individualized assistance outside from home in different locations such as nursing homes and residential care facilities, independent and assisted living facilities, retirement communities, rehabilitation centers and hospitals.

If you want to avail this incredible opportunity of client-focused companionship and homecare services for your loved ones, give us a call at 1-800-205-6615 and our friendly customer care agents will provide further assistance to help you make the right decision.