Care Management Services

Care Management or “geriatric care management” involves planning health care and psychological care of elderly patients with integration on different aspects such as assistance in activities of daily living, dietary and nutritional monitoring, home care services, financial management, and socialization programs.

A thorough geriatric assessment will take in place in order to carefully create a comprehensive care plan to meet the tri core goals of caring for the elderly which include:

  • meeting long term care needs
  • promoting and maintaining independence
  • improving quality of life

Our Elderly Care Specialists (previously known as Geriatric Care Managers) at Uplift Homecare initially receives inquiries from family members and referrals from doctors, hospitals, nursing care facilities, community agencies, attorneys and the general public. These professional care managers have an extensive knowledge about the various aspects of aging even prior training in nursing, social work and availability, quality and costs of health care services around the area.

Our Care Managers and Care Specialists will be your partner throughout the elder care process and we:

  • Conduct a detailed care-planning assessments to identify problems and establish a need for further health care services
  • Act as a liaison to families who are living in a distance
  • Promote advocacy and provides education to the senior client and family
  • Provide crisis intervention and care management services
  • Offer information, referral and placement
  • Coordinate and monitor senior services, such as home care
  • Review of issues in finances, health-care and legal aspects
  • Offer advice, counseling and support to the aged patient and families involved in the care.

Rest assured that our care managers and elderly care specialists on staff will help you cope with the challenges of your elderly loved ones. We share the same goal with you to make sure that their health care demands are met in coordination with nurses, families, caregivers and other significant individuals related to the care of the patient in the home or in the preferred residential environment.

If you have any questions please get in touch by giving us a call at 1-800-205-6615, be properly advised of what steps to follow and be assessed by our dynamic Care Managers at Uplift HomeCare!