Transitional Care Services

What type of services do I get from Transitional care?

Transitional care is moving one patient from one healthcare setting to another or “after hospital care.” Health care practitioners from the source care facility to other health institution should ensure proper communication, adequate health teaching of senior adults and their family caregivers, easy accessibility to available resources and there should be complete presence of people involved in the care. This is to reduce any further hospitalizations and severity of the disease especially if the patient is diagnosed with a chronic condition which requires high-quality transitional care. This type of care is only up to 12 weeks (3 months) and can be further extended until 18 weeks depending on a case-to-case assessment of health conditions and suitability of the senior patient to handle without transitional care.

If mentally capable, an elderly patient will have to decide whether to opt for living in a longer-term either at home or in other health care facilities. Uplift HomeCare can assist you through a smooth recovery in your home.

Eligibility for Transition care

  • Having transition care as the first choice
  • An elderly patient in a public or private hospital
  • Benefitting a hospital-in-the-home program.
  • Has been given a discharge notice by the physician
  • Will receive therapeutic effects with low-intensity therapy and nursing care
  • Able to be as independent a senior patient can be while allowing them time to think about long-term care options.

Our goals in achieving a fulfilled transitional care for our senior clients include: a client-focused care, priorities on physical therapies and only for a short period of time.

Our services deal with:

  • Personal care (hygiene, grooming and dressing)
  • Nursing support for clinical interventions (wound and continence care, bed sore management etc.)
  • Access to social worker
  • Physical Therapy (balance, exercise, strength and mobility)
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Podiatry (foot care)

A thorough assessment will be conducted in the hospital with our team of geriatric specialists and they will look at the possibilities if transitional care will be beneficial for you or not. Other care options will also be prompted and discussed.